About Us

Hello People !

Thank you for the knock at TravoMance, peeks & peeps by the travel drugged are most welcome here! To start this expedition we wish to get to know you and there’s something about us that you ought to know too, to figure out if we can invigorate one another!

A quick note about The TravoMance Trio-Antara (that would be me) , Kingshuk(the person to whom I committed to travel life’s journey with). We are the planners and  the parents of Anaya, the spunky tween who is the third member and  a part of the Travel Club since 4 months of age, covering places from sea level to 18000 feet.

TravoMance Trio in Kinnaur

TravoMance Trio in Kinnaur

Who Are WE?

Similarities in the left side of brain with differences in every other sphere, we have identical degrees to our credits-Hospitality Graduates from the elite ITC Welcomgroup Manipal( widely known as WGSHA) with a Masters degree in Tourism only to justify the love for travel 😉 Kingshuk went on to be a part of the hotel industry for a few years before venturing into Specialised Training, whereas I called it quits to hotels soon after college and joined Banking, a profession that makes one pound-wise  😉
The flip side of getting hooked to a super senior in college landed us in a long distance relation for seven forlorn years, to concentrate on our individual careers. Finally hitched and awaiting eternal bliss, we woke up to hidden likes and dislikes on both sides and corresponding squabbles over the most insignificant aspects of life(Read geela tauliya and strewn shoes).  After a path of exploration and discovery of our life goals, we quit our high flying careers as Business Heads and opted out of  climbing the corporate ladder, to pursue our passions-Training, Travelling and Parenting,  the order interchanging according to our whim and need. The voyage has been a whirlwind and the only constant through the roller coaster of life has been Travelling. We gel the most on the go- as Musafirs, as Satyakis, as travel mates, as driver- navigator, as planner executor or simply as financier- financee.
When we are not travelling we are training the youth of the country or planning up our next trip!

Journey of TravoMance

If we fantasise of anything more than being with each other which is a luxury given our gruelling professional commitments, it’s the endless timeless love to take off to places less known waiting to be explored with stories to tell. A clink of tulip to the romance with Travel – to TravoMance!
A brainchild of years of exploring over 25 Indian States, 5 Union Territories, innumerable cities and towns extensively on road, we are  newbies at blogging but septuagenarians at planning trips to places that usually don’t find a mention on many blogs or sites. Whenever we plan a trip and I mention it to friends and family, their first reaction is usually “Where is this place?” followed by “How did you find out about it” and thus begins my story telling, first before the trip based on place recce, imagination clubbed with the upcoming euphoria, then during the trip through random posts, pictures and finally a recap of our weekend through an elaborate album on Facebook with details and captions. This has been pretty much the norm over the last decade ever since Facebook became an integral part of our travels, where stories were shared over cuppas and albums until those who believe in you, more than you do started pestering us to take these experiences onto a different level (read blogging). My posts would not only garner likes and comments but a series of questions on trip planning, destination details etc would follow. Friends christened us as Roadies, frequently sought inputs on road condition, pit stops and we would actually wonder if the information on sites like IndiaMike or Teambhp wasn’t enough.That is when we decided there’s still enough left to be told, lots waiting to be shared and there is ample scope for genuine responsible travellers who wish to give back value adds to the travel fraternity. I cringe when India is only referred to as polluted, crowded or dirty when there are jewels waiting to be explored. I feel disturbed when I see parents taking their kids on frequent international holidays but seldom explore our own country that offers such diversity!
We are here to share the tales of places lesser known, right from the destination planning to the road tips, to the hotels we stayed in, to the activities the place has to offer and top it up with our delectable experiences. This blog is an ode to our penchant for travelling together as a family & story telling something that comes easily & naturally to us. We promise there won’t be a single dull moment in here and we hope you as our passionate engaging readers will push our limits!
While this blog mainly aims at being Travel related, occasionally a post may pop up to raise a toast to Life and all the paraphernalia that it has to offer 😉