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Budget 2017 for the Traveller

Budget 2017 : Impact on You, My Dear Traveller

Union Budget 2017 shows promise of better roadways, cheaper rail travel and a push towards digital/cashless economy, will travelling become cheaper, will the Indian Traveller benefit? Will travel become more frequent and achievable, considering no amends in Service Charges, for now? Read on our 12 points that will have a direct impact on your pocket and travel !

Zaaria & Muhammad's Story

The Inspirational Story Behind New Passport Norms, name of one parent to suffice!

A long overdue however coming of age change in Passport issuance norms due to the efforts of many crusaders, this post salutes the exceptional fight put up by Zaaria Patni, a single parent who put up a PIL that was acknowledged by MEA, to get her 10 year old son, his passport. The ordeal of 3 years shared by Zaaria herself is a story that inspires us from the word Go! We wish Zaaria and her son safe and happy travelling.